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Weather data with resolution of up to 30 meters

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Last But Not Least: A Few Words About MetGIS

For small and large weather portals
Offer your visitors more precise and hyperlocal forecasts. This way you'll gain more traffic, particularly with returning visitors.

For Android, iOS and Windows Mobile Apps
High resolution weather forecasts, individually calculated for the exact GPS coordinates of your users.

For business applications in your industry
Make better weather-related decisions. Professional and data-driven instead of gut-based. Get specific solutions tailored to the needs of your industry!

Why Business Customers Trust in Us

What does MetGIS actually mean?

"Met" stands for meteorology and "GIS" is the acronym for geographic information systems. The link between these two makes MetGIS weather forecasts so accurate. Weather data are combined with detailed terrain data. This improves our forecasts enormously, especially in difficult terrain.

How was MetGIS created?

It all began as a university-based research project. 10 years later experts from Europe, Russia, South America and Japan had developed the MetGIS algorithms. Several verification studies displayed a baffling accuracy. When more and more customers started knocking on the door MetGIS was founded.

What does MetGIS offer today?

From our headquarters in the picturesque Viennese city centre we serve business clients all around the world in English, German and Spanish. By providing ultra-precise data, analyses and forecasts we help you make better business decisions and work more efficiently. More at

"We can't influence the weather.
But we can make it plannable!"

Count on personal and reliable support

We don't hide behind contact forms or chat(bots)! If you want to talk about your needs, let's talk on the phone or via Skype. Our meteorologists are happy to assist you.

Premium weather data, up to 30 m in resolution

We combine innovative weather models with exact terrain data. Therefore the quality of our forecasts is very high. And we can prove that to you. Since 2007. Via verification studies on various continents.

We offer an availability of our servers of up to 99.95%, depending on the API package of your choice

Our support (telephone, email) is available for you on weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CET. Additional support times can be agreed upon on an individual basis.

Currently we provide our Point API in JSON format. Other formats are available upon request.

Our Maps API can be easily integrated in all tile-based maps (e.g. Google Maps or OpenStreetMap,...). In addition to regular tiles in PNG format we also provide UTF grid tiles, which allow a numerical display of the data.

Our extensive documentation includes examples and helps you integrate our point-based and maps-based data. It can be found here:

Check out our demo version (Maps API):

To receive a free developer key please follow these instructions.

Many personal decisions depend on the weather. What to wear, where to go on holidays and sometimes whether we arrive home safely.

Also, four out of five companies are influenced by the weather. It determines which products are sold, how much energy is produced and how efficiently their work is done. 

Ultra-precise weather forecasts represent a real added value: More success through returning website visitors and better business-related decisions.

So what could be more obvious than trusting true professionals concerning weather data and APIs?

Full control with our API monitoring tool

Everything under control with one single tool: View your packages and statistics at a glance, generate API keys individually and have alarm messages sent to you before you've used up all your API calls.

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Fresh snow
Sunshine duration

... and many more


Point API

Point-based, ultra-precise weather data (up to 30 meters in resolution) for any coordinates globally


Maps API

Fresh snow
Sunshine duration
... and many more

Extremely detailed weather layers for maps like Google Maps or OpenStreetMap



Ski areas
Road operators
Construction sites
... and many more

Individual packages tailored to the specific needs of your industry

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we'll get back to you asap.

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We treat all your data strictly confidentially and for internal use only.

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For exact weather forecasts along roads, hiking trails and high alpine routes, we have our Route API available for you.

30-days free trial to test our weather API

See for yourself how precise our weather data is and how easily you can integrate the data into your application. Just follow these steps to get a 30-days free trial without any obligation.